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Kyotocolor is a highly specialized boutique dedicated to delivering major studio level digital intermediate color grading to independent feature films. Founder, Bradley Greer is an award winning content producer and post-production specialist. From production to post, Bradley’s 25 year career has spanned multiple disciplines allowing him to cultivate a holistic perspective of both the technical and artistic process of making movies. Attracted to the black box of filmmaking, he began his post-production career in the negative processing department of a film lab, ambitiously worked his way up the ranks to becoming a photochemical color timer, and eventually a highly sought after digital colorist. He has helped to build and manage multiple post-production facilities, serving as the V.P. of Post-Production and Senior Colorist. Bradley has been recognized for his work in American Cinematographer and been invited to speak on behalf of Kodak, Sony, and Avid. Recent notable credits include 12 Years A Slave (2014 Best Picture Oscar winner), Spike Lee’s Old Boy, Lee Daniel’s The Butler, The Iceman, Paperboy, G.I. Joe 2, Criminal, Man Down, Killing Them Softly, Hateship Loveship, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Backmask, and Looper.

To enhance our Digital Intermediate Color Grading service, Kyotocolor also offers additional support to production with innovative workflows, post-production consultation, color management, and engineering. Kyotocolor’s facility is located in New Orleans with remote color correction capacity in New York City.

Kyotocolor Bradley J Greer


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